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Arm (Boom) Barriers

Only the right barrier arm makes a barrier more than a housing with a motor. In order to enable you to individually adapt vehicle access control barriers to your requirements we offer not only a variety of opening widths, but also numerous extras with which you can increase the functionality of your barriers.

Hydraulic Road Blockers

In today’s world, perfect barriers and barriers to uninvited guests are extremely necessary. They work in many places, from blocking roads, by stopping a truck that is trying to break into the wrong terrain. Road blockers are more and more needed and thanks to that…

Flap Barriers

The most special feature of flap turnstile is faster open and close speed than other turnstile gates, normally 40-45 persons per minute. So it’s perfect for the sites with big visitors flow rate.

Anti-Ram Bollards

When buildings and outdoor spaces are vulnerable to vehicle impact, perimeter protection is essential. Our range of anti-ram barriers offers a host of effective and attractive solutions.

Tripod Turnstile Gates

Tripod turnstile gates offer dissuasive automated access control for sites with heavy use. Well-built for increased durability, they efficiently control high throughput. Since they can be installed inside or outside buildings, they provide control of occasional user abuse.

Hydraulic Road Traps

While other traps puncture the tires of the vehicle, assassination type traps with their steel blades height at 300mm and thickness at 20mm; cause considerable damage under the vehicle and stop it from entering the premises..

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