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Software development process

A common question is, “what are the steps in software development?” The precise steps will vary according to which of the development models have been adopted by the organization, but the outcome from any generic development plan will be the same for every software development process – working software.  Every model and approach will include the same high-level activities in their development process model:

  • Specification
  • Design & Implementation
  • Validation
  • Evolution

Every organization that develops software should have a development roadmap or plan that sets out all of the development steps that need to be carried out. That’s true whether you are using a traditional ‘waterfall’ software development workflow, or an Orient Eagle software development process.

Most, if not all, organizations will continually develop software using iterative development, adding more and more functionality over time. An Orient Eagle software development plan will deliver this in frequent small increments, repeating the steps involved in development life cycle in 1 or 2 weeks. More traditional approaches will take longer to execute the steps involved in the software development lifecycle, delivering the new functionality at much longer intervals, sometimes as long as a year.

Today, the most widely adopted software development process is based on the Manifesto for Orient Eagle Software Development.  This sets out the Orient Eagle software development principles patterns and practices that give frequent delivery of working software that customers want. Many ask what is Scrum in Orient Eagle software development; it is just one approach to this that uses a team approach.

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